Universal Rays Healing Is A Powerful Transformational Healing Process, Offered Through Direct Contact With The Ascended Masters Of Light.

New Energetic Blueprint


Something big and new is waking up in us for the first time in human history. The possibilities you feel in your most lucid moments for your health, creativity, impact, and contribution are real.

And yet, often we do not act on this deeply felt knowing. It seems to be nothing more than a fleeting impression out of the ordinary. What would you do with your life, if you believed that the universe is supporting you - always? How would you act, if you trusted your insights and guidance? 

Something is holding us back. The sabotage can run deep, and stop us in our tracks even after years of self-growth and healing work. 

The Universal Healing Rays tend to the divides in us, which are the result of our own human experience and our collective wounds. They are a relatively new healing modality that has been channeled for our times. This high-frequency healing supports us in stepping forward as a new humanity

and dissolve karmic imprints that have been passed down through generations and is embodied in our cells. Any form of addiction, chronic illness or mental and emotional dis-ease are expressions of a profoundly felt split in us and between us. Imagine most of us running around with gnarling scar tissue that prevents movement of vital resources and connection with source energy.

The source frequencies of the Universal Healing Rays create a healing matrix in which these energetic blocks can be released. They clear your chakras, meridians and energy bodies, the subtle layers of your being that hold old memories perceived by the conscious mind as limitations. Allowing light energy it establishes a new energetic blueprint that can welcome the new. Spirit flows with ease. You experience more of who you are and the potential you hold. And you start creating from that knowing.

Universal Rays Healing


Individual Sessions

A safe and nurturing healing space, where through direct contact with the Masters of Light we connect with your Soul's longing. This is the starting point of the healing journey we will undertake together.

We will receive Pranic Healing Energy from Mother Earth, as well as a very high-frequency Healing Energy from Source.

I offer in person and distant healing sessions. The first session will take approximately 2 hours and includes a soul reading. All other sessions take one hour.

Please contact me for availability. You will need to budget 65 EUR for the first, and 55 EUR for subsequent sessions.

Group sessions

The process can be used as part of a retreat, workshop or on its own to support collective shifts in consciousness, in all transformational work, nourishing a growth-oriented and inclusive experience through the expansion into a group soul.