Kundalini Yoga teacher and trainer, Aroma Touch practitioner, Essential Oil counseling, Student of the Masters’ Way



Guru Deva is a yogi, both a student and a teacher. She teaches through stories because stories withstand definition. And she teaches through movement. Because movement carries the change. Her spiritual path of more than 20 years has taught her that eventually consciousness defies any form. She offers living and breathing knowledge as a natural extension of an ever deeper alignment with source. The way of the one mind, one sound and one heart, embodied

She invites you into the power of Self-Initiation. It is a journey back to your natural state. You have never left the garden. Beauty has always been there. You are innocent and essentially joyful.  Let us meet face to face in that joy. 

Based in Berlin, Germany.

Guru Deva is currently based in Berlin. She teaches Kundalini yoga workshops, retreats and courses, mostly in Berlin and Amsterdam. She also offers Universal Healing Ray sessions, high frequency energy work to re-connect to the orginal blueprint of your being. Recently she has been guided to dive into the wisdom of Essential oils as a potent medicine for our times. She is a student of the Master’s way, channelled wisdom teachings from the Ascended Masters of Light and the Ancient Path of Knowledge.

Under the roof of Heart First Yoga she, together with her husband, facilitates the Kundalini Awakening program designed to kindle the fire of the spirit. And to create an umbilical cord to Divine Energy, for more vitality, health, joy, connection and possibility. This course brings together their experience of more than 15 years of teaching.